The Conservatory Restaurant - National Arboretum Canberra

From the National Arboretum Canberra website, Arboretum means a collection of living trees cultivated for conservation, scientific, research and educational purposes. The arboretum was officially opened just recently this year and the beauty of this place is undeniable. It is owned by the proud Australian Government and is located just six kilometres from the Canberra city.

There are 94 forests of rare and symbolic trees from Australia and around the world on the Arboretum. More than 48,000 trees are calling Arbortum home at the moment. Free guided walks on four different routes are available upon request.

The Pod Playground

The Inside Of The Village Centre

The Conservatory Restaurant (My Rating: 6/10)

The architecture of the building itself is breath taking with roof and pillars made of wooden materials. The Sprout Cafe and the Conservatory Restaurant are offering contemporary Australian cuisine to those visiting the Arboretum.

School Prawns, Sand Whiting Ceviche On A Bed Of Salad

The butterflied prawns were grilled to perfection and the flesh was so fresh and sweet. The sand whiting ceviche had the texture of raw fish and lemony taste. Ceviche is a popular seafood dish in Coastal America where the fresh raw fish is cured and cooked in lime juices. This is so not recommended for those who hate fishy taste. The salad lacked seasoning and dressing so much that I had to use salt and pepper to lift up the taste.

Beer Battered Rock Flathead Tails, Thick Chips, Tartare Sauce 
The fishes were battered and deep fried, there was nothing really special about it although the thick cut chips were crunchy. In overall the food did not have the WOW factor, perhaps it was just not my lucky day.

The View From The Conservatory Restaurant

The Conservatory Restaurant - National Arboretum Canberra, Forest Drive, off Tuggeranong Parkway Weston Creek

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