Koko Black, Canberra City

There are some days during winter when you are craving for a sweet hot drink to warm up your body. Especially when the bright sunshine outside can not bring the temperature up, Koko Black is the place to be.

This chocolate salon has been my favourite spot to hang out since I found this treasure. I have been to a few other chocolate cafes in Australia even the one operated by renowned chocolate manufacturer; however in my humble opinion I still have not found anything which can beats the awesome-ness of Koko Black. No no no I am not being asked to write this, this is purely my personal preference.

Koko Black was first established in Melbourne in 2003 and there are currently 9 salons located in Melbourne, Canberra and Perth. 

My Rating: 9/10

Koko Black Canberra City

Where Every Awesome Beverage Is Prepared

Yuzu Chocolate Truffle
Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit, the flavour closely resembles that of grapefruit. There are 9 truffles in each jar at a cost of $23. A single truffle is also available at the counter at $2.10.

Cashew Brittle, Honeycomb & Gianduja: Sold By The Weight $9 / 100g

Angel Chandelier

Mocha Hot Chocolate & Hazelnut Praline Delice

Close Up
There are a few layers involved in the Hazelnut Praline. The top layer is a milk chocolate mousse followed by by a dark chocolate mousse and finally a crunchy tough wafer-like base. It has a perfect balance of sweetness to it but not over the top. It is accompanied by a few honey coated nuts and chocolate sauce. Awesome!

Iced Chocolate - Raspberry
Koko Black always change their menu every season however there are a few items that they always keep on the menu. One of them is the Iced Chocolate, the BF becomes the number 1 worshipper of Koko Black because of it. On the current menu, they offered a few twists on the traditional iced chocolate such as Raspberry, Coconut or Caramel.

The iced chocolate comes in a big glass and filled with not-so-sweet chocolate drink, raspberry sauce, 2 huge scoops of vanilla ice cream and chocolate shavings at the top. It is awesomely refreshing with the sour raspberry sauce.

The Bill

Koko Black - Bunda Street, Canberra City

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