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From my previous post on Deal Voucher - Little Snail Restaurant, you may have an impression that I am addicted (I do not deny this) to purchasing restaurant vouchers. I subscribe to countless of organisations offering online vouchers so that I will not miss out on great deals. My favourites are OufferGroupon and Ourdeal

For me, purchasing deals are not without consideration. I usually review the menu included in the deal, the price charged and also if there is any extra charge for drinks, rice or BYO. The next step is checking the website of the restaurant and adding up the price charged for the individual dishes to be compared to the price charged for a set menu offered in the deal voucher. I will also read reviews of the restaurant written by other bloggers or by customers on restaurant-guide website.

Then if my gut feeling tells me that the deal is so worth my money, I will make a purchase. Being a thoughtful person, I can imagine the mountain steps I will go through if I decide to make a huge investment in the future :)

Sushi Jung (My Rating: 8/10)

I purchase a $49 "Seven Course Japanese Seafood Banquet" for 2 from Sushi Jung and it was suggested that customers make a reservation beforehand. The sign of the restaurant is not easily noticeable if you are driving pass through Bondi road. If I did not buy this deal, I would never have known the existence of Sushi Jung.

It is a very small restaurant with only 5 tables available for patrons however I noticed a lot of people buying take-away.  We were welcomed with a very friendly greeting from a middle-aged man, seems like he is the shop owner.

Course 1 & 2: Edamame Beans & Fisherman Soup (Miso Soup with Salmon)

The edamame beans are very much alike the packaged edamames sold at Costco however I believed that the one served here was home made as the salt was pinched at the top rather than evenly distributed as in the packaged one. The miso soup was so delicious and topped with very generous large salmon pieces.

Course 3: Fresh Seafood Salad

Mixed Seafood Salad & Fisherman Soup (Top Right)
This was the dish of the day! The crunchy "long white thread" which looked like vermicelli,  fresh lettuce, Japanese seaweed salad were topped with lots of raw salmon pieces covered in chili mayonnaise & tobiko (fish roe). I should have asked what the crunchy thread was but I am sure it was neither vermicelli nor grated radish. Can anyone help to solve my curiosity?

Course 4: Volcano Masago

Volcano Masago: Tuna Roll With Creamy Mayonnaise

6 giant sushi rolls were served, they were tuna rolls topped with heaps of caramelised mayonnaise and tobiko. I have always loved the texture of tobiko, the bubble is bursting out into a salty liquid. For those who enjoy popping the bubble wraps with hands, eating tobiko is like popping the bubble wraps in your mouth using your teeth (hands are not recommended).

Course 5: Sashimi & Sushi Combo Set

Sashimi & Sushi Combo Set: Fresh Sashimi Of Kingfish, Salmon, Tuna; 
Salmon & Prawn Nigiri Sushi, Tuna Sushi Rolls and Eggroll

Another dish came to the table and we were amazed by the enormous portion and the size of the seafood. The seafood was so fresh they had no fishy taste at all. It was my job to eat most of the seafood as the BF is not a huge fan of seafood.

Although I personally do not like wasting food, there was no choice but to abandon the left over rice from the sushi. Chinese moms tend to scare their kids with the saying that every single rice you waste on the plate will represent the number of pimples that your future husband/wife will have on his/her face!!! Scary huh?!

Green Tea Was Also Included In The Deal

Course 6 & 7: Aburi Salmons
Aburi Salmon Nigiri Sushi: Lightly Seared Salmon

Course 6 & 7 should be a combination of 2 Aburi Scallops and 2 Aburi Salmons however they replaced 2 scallops with salmons as scallop was not available at the time. We did not mind at all, we finished everything and walked away with smiley faces! We definitely have already had the recommended daily intake of Omega 3 for the week :)

Sushi Jung left a remarkable good impression on us, we definitely will go back there again (even without any voucher)!!!

Sushi Jung - Shop 2, 194 Bondi Road BONDI NSW 2026

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