Deal Voucher - Little Snail Restaurant, Pyrmont

Purchasing online deal vouchers for dining out in restaurants is one of my favourite activities. Besides obtaining good food deals, another advantage is I have the chance to be more adventurous in trying out new restaurants. 

I used to be really conservative and the restaurants I usually went can be counted by fingers. Just thinking about the risk of wasting my money in a restaurant which served up food that I might not enjoy really pushed me to go back to the usual restaurants I always visited. The much stronger reason was due to my tight financial situation, the normal case for university students unless your parents shower you with tons of money (lucky you)! 

Little Snail (My Rating: 6.5/10)

The BF snapped the OurDeal voucher online as they offered $69 for 3 course meals for 2. The normal price charged for a 3 course dinner per person is $60. 

This is a semi fine-dining restaurant so wearing a casual outfit is perfectly fine. It is located in Pyrmont close to Darling Harbour but do not expect to catch a glimpse of the harbour as the restaurant does not face the waterfront. 

"Planters Punch" (far left) and Chili, Cheese & Honey Bread
As part of the deal, I ordered the "Planters Punch" mocktail (pineapple, orange, lemon, grenadine). It was too sweet for me and tasted like a mix of ready made fruit juices.

The bread was not part of the deal. It had a mix of interesting combination of the sweet honey, salty cheese and spicy chili. All the ingredients harmonised perfectly in my tongue and we both loved it!

Escargot de Bourgogne - Snails Marinated In Herb-Infused Court Bouillon & Garlic Butter
This dish was the highlight of the night and being branded as the Little Snail, the reputation of the restaurant is hanging on their escargot dishes. The cutlery on the plate was used to smoothen the journey of the snails taken out from their shells straight into my mouth. However the two pieces of bread were not enough to soak up the garlic butter.

I Adore The Plate Which Was Designed To Hold The Empty Shells On The Side

With A Plate Which Was Bigger Than Me!

My Main Course: Seafood Plate of Grilled Salmon, Garlic Prawns, Salt & Pepper Squids,
Chili Mussels, Soft Shell Crab & Salad
Although the portion of the dish was enormous and all the seafood was cooked to perfection, this dish did not have the "wow" factor. It was so obvious that the sweet chili sauce came from a bottle which you can find in the supermarket. I would be happier enjoying the seafood plate at the Sydney Fish Market.

The BF's MainCourse: Cote de Veau (Veal Tenderloin with Champignon &
Cardonnay Beurre Blanc, Potato Croquette & Greens)
The dish was not photogenic at all but the flavours were extremely good with the tender veal soaked in a generous amount of sauce.

My Dessert: Classic Creme Caramel
The texture of the creme caramel was so soft it melted in my mouth. It tasted like an egg pudding which was nicely complemented with a sweet creme caramel sauce. Such a simple dessert dish but very delicious!

The BF's Dessert: Handmade Profiterole With Creme Patissiere & Mint Choc Sauce

Try to eat the custard cream together with the cream and the mint choc sauce to counter the sweetness of the custard. The profiterole was served a bit warm, I am wondering if that is how it should be served? In overall our experience at the Little Snail was pretty enjoyable and although the food was not up to the highest level I couldn't complain with the great deal could I?!

The Little Snail - 50 Murray St Pyrmont Sydney

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  1. Nice writing. Enjoyed reading your posts, but it was a little mean as we can't get most of the dishes here. No seafood, no beef or lamb...
    Have you been to any restaurants in the berra lately?
    Keep writing, Otmar

    1. You're too kind Otmar!
      I understand if there is no beef there, but no seafood and lamb? Do you eat chicken and pork everyday?
      Yes I have been eating out in Canb as well, but I'm currently busy doing something else so have not put up a post about it.
      Have you been updating your blog? The pic of you sitting in an "open" toilet reading newspaper is still flashing in my mind LOL

  2. I haven't bought many online vouchers for restaurant but I also have friends that are addicted to doing it! :)

    1. Hi Lorraine, thanks for dropping by! May I say that you are my inspiration to start my own blog :) I printed out so many recipes from your blog! Btw I'm still reading your book, it's awesomely interesting!!!