Brodburger - Kingston, Canberra

Brodburger is not your usual fast-food neighborhood eatery. The business started out selling burgers from an old caravan by the lake and now it is operating on a modern-looking restaurant in Canberra Glassworks to meet the increasing customers' demand. 

There is only one requirement here, it is PATIENCE. They make it clear to customers that "quality takes time" as the burger is only prepared once you place the order. On not-so-busy weeknights the burgers are ready in 20-25 minutes. 

I suggest you not to come on weekdays lunch time unless you are not in a rush. I have learnt the hard way, my colleagues' and my orders came in 45 minutes and unfortunately we only had an hour lunch break; so there was no choice but to rush eating like crazy and running back to the car. They do take phone order now but do not expect that your burger is ready when you come in, the order only helps your burger jumps up the queue in the kitchen.

My Rating: 8.5/10

Brodburger At The Historic Canberra Glassworks

Order Number 

Self Service Tap Water With Art Designed Paper Cup

We came on a weeknight and the restaurant was packed of customers although the queue was not bad compared to weekdays lunch time and weekends. Our order was ready on the table in 25 minutes.

BrodSalmon: Grilled Salmon Fillet With Lettuce, Tomato, Spanish Onion,
Homemade Aioli & Tomato Relish $14.90

The Big Chunk Of  Boneless Salmon Cutlets

There was a big serve of salmon cutlet covered in a homemade aioli sauce on the burger. The salmon and aioli sauce are match made in heaven and the size is just enough for me. Brodsalmon is my favourite here!

In the event where you are not feeling really hungry, you can always opt for a baby burger with a price of less than $9.

Char Grilled Mix Vegetables Served With Homemade Aioli $5
We ordered the mix vegetables as a side dish, it consisted of char grilled capsicums (green, yellow, red), eggplants, mushrooms and zucchinis. The vegetables are used as fillings for a Brodvegie burger. There was nothing really special about the mix vegetables other than the smoky flavour from the char grill and the aioli dip.

Brodburger: 1/2 pound flame grilled beef patty, lettuce, tomatoes, onion,
homemade aioli & tomato relish $13.50
The beef patties are hand made and can be cooked to your preference either medium or well done.  A side dish of chips can be purchased at $2.50.

Brodburger is an awesome place to visit whenever you are craving for non junk food burger. This place is one of my favourite eatery in Canberra, it has never dissapointed me!

Brodburger - Canberra Glassworks 11 Wentworth Avenue Kingston ACT 2603

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