Kusina Filipino Restaurant - Weston Creek, Canberra

Kusina is the only Filipino restaurant in Canberra and it is a family owned restaurant. Kusina means Kitchen in Filipino. I have never tried Filipino food before so I was so excited about the visit. 

Kusina Restaurant (My Rating: 8/10)

The service is extremely friendly here. The menu is not extensive, it is listed on just one page with dessert selections on another menu. We found it a bit tricky to choose which dish to order as the dishes on the menu are so unfamiliar to us and everything looks interesting.

Pritong  Talong $8
This was a vegetarian entree dish; it was a fried eggplant with tomato, red onion, salted duck eggs and garlic sauce. There were 4 portions of eggplants in the dish. OMG it was finger licking delicious, the salted egg complimented the fried eggplant and mayo perfectly. I wanted more!!!

Chicken Inasal $20 & Garlic Rice $3.50
As a no. 1 garlic fan, the garlic rice is always a compulsory order every time I visit this place. Try this garlic rice instead of the plain white rice if you are in the same garlic fan club as me :)

Chicken Inasal was a dish of grilled chicken marinated in lemon grass, garlic, ginger and came with a bowl of  their special soy sauce. I was not sure whether it was half chicken portion as it was not stated on the menu and I was too busy enjoying to pay attention to it. The chicken was so tender and was full of aromatic spices.

Inihaw Na Isda $22
 This was a whole grilled baby snapper topped with spicy mango salsa. The price of the dish was not counted by the weight of the fish. We were lucky enough that night to get a quite big snapper, sometimes I had a smaller size of snapper on my other visits.

The spicy mango salsa consisted of cubes of ripened mangoes, lime juice, chopped red onion, baby eggplants and spring onion. The salsa was so fresh and complimented the snapper really well. The poor fish was left only with bones even the head part as my favourite part is the cheek. Chinese do consider fish cheek as a delicacy!

Bicol Express $18.50
This dish was pork belly braised in spicy coconut cream. The belly was so tender it fell apart with just a touch of a fork. As it is quite a rich dish, it is best to share with someone else.

Demolition In Process

Special Menu Sunday

In overall the friendly service and the delicious food are making Kusina one of my favourite restaurant in Canberra.

Kusina - Cooleman Court, Weston Creek ACT 2611

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