NaruOne Korean Restaurant, Pitt St Sydney

Korean food has seen its rising popularity in Sydney thanks to the Korean dramas and Kpop which are currently adored by people worlwide. The fact that there is huge Korean population in Sydney also does impact on more and more Korean restaurant being opened especially in the area of Koreatown (Strathfield, Eastwood and Campsie).

One restaurant not to be missed is NaruOne, it is famous for its fried chicken and despite being located at the underground of Pitt st it is always packed with customers queueing on the stairway. You have to tell the waiter/waitress in order to be included in the queueing system and a queue number will be given. 
My Rating: 8/10
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View from Pitt st

Menu outside of the restaurant
The service was quick but as the restaurant was so busy I had to put an extra effort to get the attention of the waitstaff for ordering. The side dishes came just a short time before the main meals were served. Side dishes in other Korean restaurants I have ever been were usually served once the order had been put in so I could enjoy the side dishes while waiting for the main to come. However the similarity is all side dishes are free and refillable (countless of time) without any charge thanks to the generosity of Korean culture :)

Dinner for the night including the free refillable side dishes

Hangover pork bone soup, no no I was not drunk ($16)
The reason for ordering this soup because it looked like a hearty warm soup from the menu picture which was great to warm up during cold winter night. However the soup was a bit bland to my taste, wondering if all hangover soups taste like this. The pork bones were tender and complimented by Asian vegetables and spring onion.

Fried chicken with spring onion & wasabi sauce ($32)
This was the ultimate reason to visit NaruOne, I personally think that this place offers the best Korean fried chicken in Sydney! Love love it! The chickens were not oily and greasy, the crunchiness was not something to be doubtful for. Wasabi soy sauce was served together with the chickens and together they made the most perfect marriage ever.

They also serve fried chickens coated in sweet & spicy sauce and the good thing if you can't decide which one to choose, you can order half half as stated on the menu.

NaruOne, we will be coming back soon for sure!

Inside of NaruOne
Take away kimchi for sale
NaruOne Korean Restaurant - 375 Pitt St Sydney

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