Great Aunty 3 Vietnamese Street Food - Enmore, Sydney

This is the era where opportunities are widely open to those who are keen to realise their dream. With the rising fame of the reality TV shows looking for new talents in cooking, dancing and singing; it is not hard to be famous nowadays.

I can not see myself living without television ever since I am hooked to the reality TV shows. It is amazing to watch that everybody has a talent in their own way and it is sometimes hidden inside if we never give it a chance to shine. 

My Rating: 7/10

The Shop Front

This happened to Michael Le, the owner of Great Aunty 3 who used to think that pursuing his corporate career was his ultimate dream. Together with his wife and the enormous help from his grandma, he realised his dream in opening a "Vietnamese street food" eatery in Enmore. The shop is named after his grandma who is called Aunty Three by family and friends.

Can't Help Not To Take A Pic Of This Cute Mannequin

The Banh Mi Section

It is a small shop with around 4 tables inside and 2 tables outside. Customers were queueing and squeezing themselves on a single line along the banh mi section to place their orders. The menu is written with a chalk on a blackboard. The service was very friendly but a bit rush as there were lots of hungry customers waiting behind.

Berry Lychee Fruit Shake & 2 Banh Mi $16
We ordered a caramelised pork belly cooked in a coconut juice banh mi and a soya chicken roll banh mi. Each banh mi is priced at $6 or $10 including a fruit shake. The pork belly was so tender it melt in my mouth however it could have more seasoning in it. The soya chicken roll was delicious with a hint of soya sauce as clearly stated by its name. Both rolls came with pickle vegetables, coriander and sauce. Customers can also choose white bread or brown bread.

Close Up of Soya Chicken Roll
Berry Lychee Fruit Shake
The fruit shake was made of real fruit as written on the menu and it was so refreshing and not overly sweet at all. At a combo deal of $10 with the banh mi, it is a great deal!

Great Aunty 3 - 115 Enmore Road, Newton NSW 2042

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