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Vietnamese roll or sandwich aka Banh mi has gone viral these last few years in Sydney however there are only a few popular places with long customer queue. The influence of French colonisation in banh mi is baguettes, mayonnaise and pate while fish sauce and pickled vegetables are native Vietnamese. 

There is a big Vietnamese community in Marrickville, I noticed there are lots of shop signage with Vietnamese writing such as accounting firms, asian groceries, barber shops and restaurants. 

Marrickville Pork Roll (My Rating: 6/10)

We arrived at the shopfront around 1pm in the afternoon and luckily the queue was not long. The guy with the red shirt took our order and notify the staff preparing the meal of our order in Vietnamese. It was a tiny shop with every meals prepared in front of your eyes. The price is very reasonable with the highest price of banh mi charged at $4.50. The service was fast as all the ingredients were already prepared and only assembly needed.

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Pork Skin Roll (Banh Mi Bi) $4
It is a take-away restaurant as all Banh Mi shops are. The pork skin roll was ordered as we expected it to be crunchy pork crackling which was hugged between the baguette however it turned out that the pork skin was not the crunchy one as per our expectation. The pork skin was a bit chewy however it was still pleasant to eat although we were not sure if we will order this again next time. Other ingredients in the pork skin roll were pickled carrots, cucumber, spring onion, coriander, pate and mayo.

Chicken Roll (Banh Mi Thit Ga) $4.50
The chicken roll was packed with lots of shredded chicken meat. Other ingredients in the roll are exactly the same as those in the pork skin roll. The roll was packed with lots of flavours from the pickles, chicken and fish sauce. The baguettes from this shop were bigger than those from Hong Ha (the most famous Vietnamese banh mi shop in Sydney, located in Botany Street in Mascot) however no baguettes can be compared to the freshly baked, warm and crunchy baguettes from Hong Ha.

Pork Roll (Banh Mi Thit Cha) $4
The main ingredient in the pork roll was the pork cooked in Vietnamese style. It resembled the bacon but slightly different to the Western style bacon. Although all the rolls were delicious but we agreed that we have not found the rolls which are comparable to those from Hong Ha.

Marrickville Pork Roll - 236 Illawarra Road, Marrickville NSW 2204

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  1. It just goes to show how people have different ideas on what tastes good. I have been to the Hong Ha shop in Mascot about 5 or 6 times and have walked away each time with a fairly average roll. I can not understand all the hype about the shop. On the other hand I have been to the Pork Roll Shop in Marrickville at least 20 times and have never been disappointed. For my taste, no other shop comes even remotely close.