Dickson Asian Noodle House - Dickson, Canberra

Sudden craving of Chinese Malaysian food led me to Dickson Asian Noodle House. I have been there for about 5 times and this restaurant has never disappointed me in terms of the meals served. This place serves Malaysian, Laos & Thai cuisine however I am only interested in the Malaysian food here.

When my friends from other states asked me for a recommendation of a restaurant to go to when they visit Canberra, this restaurant is the first one coming to my mind. 

Make sure you make a reservation for a definite spot to enjoy the delicious food especially dinner time otherwise you will either have to find somewhere else to eat or only have short time (in my case 45 minutes) to finish your meal and leave! The restaurant is also fully booked on weeknights not just on the weekends.

Dickson Asian Noodle House (My Rating: 8/10)

We ordered 3 dishes for dinner, the dishes came in a flash and each dish did not come on the same time as what you usually expected at a hawker restaurant. 

Combination Curry Laksa 

Laksa is a spicy curry & coconut milk broth served with yellow noodles, vermicelli, fried tofu, vegetables and combination of chicken, duck and Chinese style BBQ pork.The broth was so aromatic but not too thick which made me keep coming back for the second spoon. The meat served on the dish was so generous.

For those who do not want combination laksa, other options are chicken, bbq pork, beef laksa, seafood, duck, fish or prawn laksa.

Our table was close to the cashier and the kitchen so I could see countless of plastic containers of curry laksa ordered for take-away. This is the ultimate place to satisfy the craving for curry laksa! So far this is the best curry laksa which is comparable to that served at the Satay Delight in the canteen of University of New South Wales, Sydney.

Chicken Crispy Noodles 

The portion was quite shocking to us when presented on the table as we did not expect a big portion. This dish was so good with the combination of the crispy noodles and the tender chicken pieces. However the kailan vegetables were still tough as if they were not cooked long enough.

Beef Hokkien Noodles

This dish was the most disappointing dish of the night. Tough yellow noodles and tasteless gluey thick sauce were not appealing at all so we left the dish unfinished on the table.

Dickson Asian Noodle House - 29 Woolley St, Dickson ACT 2602

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