Melbourne Day 1 - Filling My Stomach with Great Food!

La Trobe Street - Melbourne

RMIT University Building - Looks Like The Place Where HULK Lives


Here is my first blog ever!!! I have always been a loyal blog reader but it never once crossed my mind to write up my own blog until the BF suggested me to do so (perhaps I bored him with all the stories about other bloggers I read).

I spend my weekdays dealing with lots of numbers & $$$ and although I am extremely passionate about my career, I find my other happiness in food either by cooking or eating out. This what motivates me to create my own blog. Okay won't bore you with more of my details, hopefully you are not falling asleep by now :)


Pie Face Chicken & Couscous Soup for Early Morning Breakfast  at Sydney Airport

The BF and I went on a trip to Melbourne to refresh ourselves a bit from the hectic work schedules. I did not realise it was gonna be a trip full of eating, eating & eating!


We had our lunch at Rose Garden BBQ Restaurant, it is amazingly narrow with approximately less than 10 small tables. The menus are ridiculously a  bargain with most of them being $8.90. We had fried rice with shredded duck and pickles vegetables and managed to share between the two of us. 

Afternoon walk spent on the Lygon Street so called the Italian street as the whole street is full of Italian cafes, restaurants, gelato shops and groceries. We went to Il Dolce Fredo to try the gelatos. 

Il Dolce Fredo: Bailey Gelato, Coconut & Pandan Gelato, Durian Gelato (So Not For Durian Haters) 

We squeezed in the time before dinner to walk around the Melbourne city. Heritage buildings are everywhere making the city looks so classicly beautiful. One thing I noticed was there were a lot of cafes and restaurants hidden on the aisles of the city without any signs whatsoever to catch the attention of pedestrians walking down the main street but most of them are full of customers dining inside.

Melbourne Central

The Roof of Melbourne Central

Every Ladies' Dream Shop

The BF's before dinner snack was the Lord of The Fries "Onion Rings Munch Box":
Onion Rings & Crunch Fries $5.95 with Vietnamese Style Chili Mayo Sauce $2

Beautiful Melbourne City Captured on Sunset Hour

Dinner time is here!!! Meeting up with cousins who finished working, we headed down to Elizabeth St for a Malaysian Restaurant however the place was too small to fit the 6 of us onto the table. We finally decided to had our dinner at the Thai Culinary.

Thai Culinary: Chicken Pad Kee Mao, Nam Sod, Fried Chicken Spare Rib & Beef Massaman Curry

The chicken spare ribs marinated in aromatic spices were to die for. Nam sod is a thai ginger pork salad cooked with lemon juice, peanuts & dried chili (Attention: VERY SPICY!). Everything on the table was good and the bill comes at less than $11 per head. I am falling in love with the Melbourne's cheap and good eat.

Dessert Story: Mango Sago in Coconut Milk, Green Tea Red Bean Shaved Ice & Tofu Pudding in Mango Juice

Oh well my stomach was expanding like an elastic rubber to fill in the desserts and here we walked in to a Taiwanese Dessert Shop in Chinatown at 9.30 pm. Dessert Story has an extensive list of dessert menus of more than 100 types of desserts. My choice was the tofu pudding which I regretted and although it was not bad, I am more used to the traditional Chinese tofu pudding with the sugary ginger sauce.

Needless to say it was time to wrap up the food culinary for the day and I went back happily to cousin's apartment to rest my fat stomach hahahaha. There are still 3 full days to spend in Melbourne so stay tuned with my blog to check out :)

Pie Face - Sydney Domestic Airport
Rose Garden BBQ - 435 Elizabeth Street Melbourne
Il Dolce Fredo - Lygon Street Melbourne
Lord of the Fries - Melbourne Central Station
Thai Culinary - 433 Elizabeth Street Melbourne
Dessert Story - 195 Little Bourke Street Melbourne

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Lord of the Fries on Urbanspoon

Thai Culinary on Urbanspoon

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  2. hi welcome to Melbourne.
    I have to agree with the green stuff on the building. I didn't like it much and I study there :(
    Did you have to buy a MYKI? Did you have to fork out the $6 for it? If so where did you buy it?

    1. Hi Sally, I borrowed a cousin's MYKI card to travel around Melbourne during my last visit. However I know that MYKI is available at 7-Eleven stores. Hope it helps :)